• AquaTrainer Swim Spas

  • AquaTrainer Swim Spas

PatentedSelf Cleaning Technology
PatentedV-Twin Jet Technology
OptionalPure Water System
Energy Efficiency4.5 Stars
Starting Price Range$$$$ – $$$$$

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Whether it’s staying active, defying stress, or combating pain, your Hydropool can and will help you be your best self. To help with your planning, explore our guide to assist your purchasing journey. Go a little deeper into the specs, and explore all the features and conditioning benefits of our World’s Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs & Swim Spas. Jump in with Hydropool Hot Tubs. The Water is Calling.

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AquaTrainer Models

  • 14AX AquaTrainer Swim Spa

    AquaTrainer 14AX 4

    Our 14AX Aquatrainer with Self Cleaning technology, provides the ideal environment for at-home, total-body fitness.



  • 17AX AquaTrainer Swim Spa

    AquaTrainer 17AX 3

    The 17AX Aquatrainer allows for endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels, dial in your perfect swim.



  • 19DTfX AquaTrainer Swim Spa

    AquaTrainer 19DTAX 7

    Stay active in the swim area at a comfortable 80-90 degrees and then wind at up to 104 degrees in the Hottub section



AquaTrainer Swim Spa

The Hydropool AquaTrainer is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one. This advanced self-cleaning system is available in 14′, 17′ and 19′ lengths.

You can relax, play or train in your own backyard pool 365 days a year. This fitness pool includes variable resistance, adjustable current stream, thigh & abductor jets for lower body massage or resistance exercises and multi-hydrotherapy massage seats. The swim spa can also be enjoyed for cooling off or just relaxing in the water. The current is adjustable for beginner to competitive swim levels.

Why Buy An AquaTrainer Swim Spa

The Hydropool V-Twin Jet


Fitness Break: BoxFit #1

Winter Pool Exercise


Fitness Break: Bicep Curl

The AquaTrainer Swim Spa is like a water treadmill. It has jets that allow you to swim against a current so you can swim lap after lap without actually moving across the pool. The effective resistance system that creates a strong current for the swimmer to swim in place is what sets Hydropool apart from other competitors in the market. 4 key features of the Hydropool AquaTrainer include:
  1. Swim jets
  2. Customized Swim Current
  3. AquaChannel Shell Design
  4. AquaBoost Pump Design

Swim Jets

Hydropool swim spas give you the perfect swim every day of the year. You never have to touch, turn or push off from a wall and instead can you focus on stroke technique, speed or simple enjoyment of the swim. The swim current can be adjusted to your own personal swim level. The Hydropool AquaFlow Swim Jet system includes two wide-stream aqua flow jets and one high flow buoyancy jet. The benefit to this high performance three-stage flow technology is that is produces a wider, deeper, smoother current than any other system on the market. The consistency of the water flow keeps it turbulence-free.

Customized Swim Current

The AquaFlo Swim Current is adjustable for all swim levels. You can swim as long as you’d like without moving from that spot at a speed that is comfortable and right for you. The adjustable speed goes from 0-11 MPH / 0-18 KPH flow rate. This makes it great for rehabilitation and interval training.

AquaChannel Shell Design

The Hydropool AquaTrainer has no protruding steps or seats in the swim area. This tank design ensures that there are no hidden obstacles for your feet to hit in the swim lane. This wide swim channel, consistently smoother water from the stabilization jets, no back splash, swim lanes on the floor and reinforced sides make this swim spa strong enough and large enough for two swimmers! All in all giving you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.

AquaBoost Pump Design

The Hydropool AquaTrainer includes one HydroClean filtration pumps, one 3HP EverGreen pump and two AquaBoost 5 HP pumps. There is a 2 ½ inch intake and return and all pumps are Evergreen Efficiency (30% less amperage than a traditional pump.)

Hydropool swim spas offer year round use with all the benefits of a conventional pool and less maintenance cost to operate. You can choose from a full array of self-cleaning Hydropool swim spa models that are all energy efficient at our showroom.

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Executive Collection

The Executive Collection

The Executive Collection is Hydropool’s evolution of the perfect swim. It does not raise the bar, it sets the new standards and is the bar! The streamlined unobstructed shell design is tapered to channel the flow of water towards the patented Current Collector at the opposite end of the spa. The fully programmable VFX Control has four user programs and four preset programs, giving the user the ability to dial in the perfect swim and program workouts like the Hill Climb and Interval training options and easily allows you to track your speed, distance, calories burned and length of the workout. The patented V-Twin jets deliver the smoothest and most predictable swim current in the industry. Included with every Model is a pair of FORM Goggles with a heads-up display.

Play Collection

The Play Collection

The 12FFP AquaPlay Swim Spa will more than suit any active lifestyle. This model features two swim jets that mimic the natural resistance of water to help you get the most out of your swim or workout. The contoured seating and massaging jets offer built-in hydrotherapy and relaxation. The AquaPlay Swim Spa has a generous streamlined swim tank area with plenty of seating for the whole family. The swim tank floor has an anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness routines, jog in place, BoxFit or Aquatic Cross-Train for a great cardiovascular workout. You can swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, then relax in the contoured seating and enjoy a massage with the built-in hydrotherapy while the rest of the family plays on.